People Are Trying to Keep a Sense of Humor as They Prepare for Hurricane Matthew

People are evacuating their homes in record numbers. Hurricane Matthew looks like it's going be a very dangerous storm, but if you think that's nothing to joke about... you haven't been on the internet long enough.

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    Better Stock Up on Holy Water Too

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    Someone Has Even Changed Their Twitter Profile

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    Play the Song of Time Already!

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    For the Floridians Who Aren't in the Path of the Hurricane

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    One Guy Actually Braved the Storm to Honor Harambe's Memeory

    Via: juniorjarrod

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    Lets Hope These Guys Made a Solid Plan in Between the Jokes

    Via: bwabbit

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    We're Forecasting Some Pressure on This Weatherman's Job After He Decided to Mention Children's Deaths

    Via: @Deathbymartymar

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    This is What Happens in Florida While Waiting for the Storm

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    People in Florida Know Things Are Getting Rough When the Waffle Houses Start Closing

    Via: @WaffleHouse
    THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Several Waffle Houses in Florida are closing due to Hurricane Matthew. Even FEMA knows that's a bad thing. They have an informal "Waffle House Index". When these diners start closing they know they have a disaster on their hands and raise that index to "red". 

    Even people not involved with a national disaster agency know this means things are serious:

    via @kalebhorton, @hintofspy, @WhoDatTN@SarahDecedue
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