More Predictions From 'The Simpsons' Are Coming True and at This Point It's a Little Scary

It's typical to hear the phrase "The Simpsons did it first" but nobody expected it to apply so accurately to real life. These predictions are getting a little spooky.

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    The Latest Prediction Was Milhouse's Guess For Who Would Win the Nobel Prize

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    Via: @MIT

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    But Here Are Some of the Many, MANY More Predictions That Came True

    Via: MindChop

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    Star Wars VII and Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 - 2009

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    Via: The Simpsons
    As if nailing the fact that VII was a giant apology wasn't enough, The Simpsons also knew what movie would open alongside it.

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    Siegfried and Roy tiger mauling - 1993

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    Via: The Simpsons
    In 2003, Roy of Siegfried and Roy was famously attacked on stage by his white tiger, Mantecore. The Simpsons predicted this would happen back in 1993.

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    So, Turns Out the Simpsons Invented Rocket League

    Via: MsMinotaur

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    Simulation games: predicted in 1998

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    Via: The Simpsons
    Looking at you, Farming Simulator.


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    This Video Proves That the Simpsons Did It First When It Comes to Future Inventions

    Via: Alltime10s

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    Okay, This One's a Stretch

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