Planning to Move to Canada? Review These Memes Before Making Your Decision

A lot of people in America have threatened to move to Canada if their chosen candidate doesn't win. Others have just had it with the stress of election day and are looking to get away from it all. These memes can help you decide before you spend all your time on that messy paperwork.

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    Canadian Equivalent to Hail Hydra

    Via: Speedy_Cheese

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    Honestly, Canada, Now You’re Just Rubbing It in Our Faces

    Via: dutchster

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    Watch This to Learn How to Fit in with Your New Canadian Neighbors After You Move to Canada When Trump Gets Elected

    Via: IFHT

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    Canadian Pokémon

    Via: darrencalvert
    What about the Two-Four, the Invigilante and the Nanaimo?

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    Claim to Be Moving to Canada? We Expect You to Follow Through

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    Look Who Just Announced Their Canada-cy for the US Presidency

    Canada announces its running for US President

    Canada has released a clip announcing its candidacy for President of the United States - and this is one video you will want to watch! The video was developed and put together by The Canada Party and we have to say these guys are awesome! Please make sure you go across and "like" their page @ https://www.facebook.com/TheCanadaParty/ - or travel over to http://www.americabutbetter.com/

    Posted by Entrehub on Thursday, February 11, 2016
    Via: Entrehub

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    The Canadian Government is Very Concerned About Your Lack of D

    Via: Yukon Health and Social Services

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    Meanwhile in Canada

    Crime is at an all time high!

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    They Really Had to Edit Game of Thrones for Canadian TV

    Via: Acid Cow

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    Canadian Graffiti Gets Real

    Via: zosobaggins

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    Did You Know You're Intimately Aware of the Layout of Vancouver?

    Via: Every Frame a Painting

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    The Most Canadian GIF Ever

    Via: Useless_Advice_Guy

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    American Sniper, Meet Canadian Sniper

    Via: cannibalmilkshake
    "Great way to fight a war, eh? Be prepared to say 'sorry' for winning."

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    Canada Is a Magical Place

  • 16

    Canadians Have Their Priorities

    Via: scampbell103

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    Dirty Phrase or Actual Place in Canada?

    Via: BuzzFeedYellow

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    Here's What I Think of Canada

  • 19

    Oh, Canada

    Via: Chemical Substitute

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    We're With You on That One, Canada

  • 21

    How to Catch a Canadian

    Via: Plavusha

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    Let's Play Canada Simulator!

    Via: ZeRoyalViking

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    Canada Is for Lovers...of Hockey

    Via: Cdnmadejr

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    Don't Mess With Us, Eh?

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