8 Conversation-Starting Menorahs

Whether you're throwing a Thanksgivukkah or just-Hanukkah celebration this year, don't dust off your old boring menorah, light up your nights with these guaranteed to be talked about menorahs!

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    A Celebration of Light and Deliciousness

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    By Unknown
    You can basically do this with any delicious treat you can stick a candle in.

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    Wooden Mustache Menorah

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    By Unknown
    This Year Movember and Menorahs are a stylish pair

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    A Menorah For the Jet-Setter

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    By Unknown (Via yafitglass)
    Talk about your travels. You know you WANT to tell your traveling stories and experiences

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    Don't Be Scared to Branch Out a Little!

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    By Unknown (Via FrickandFrackScraps)
    Put the MEN in Menorah with this Etsy creation.

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    Reuse Your Recycling and Spray Paints

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    By Unknown (Via How to Guide on ReadyMade)
    Glass bottles preferred but who's stopping you if you have some of that awesome spray paint for plastics. No one.

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    By Unknown (Via Gwyn McAllister)
    While you've got your spray paint out, how about using it on some of that left over pasta? Bow-Ties, Fusilli, Elbows, Rotini, whatever you've got! I mean if it's good enough for a Jerry Seinfeld sculpture, it's good enough for a menorah.

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    An Octave of Lights

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    By Unknown (Via yafitglass)
    Whether you tickle the ivories all year long, or just after long holiday get togethers, this menorah is fitting. Also, it's probably safe to assume Billy Joel has a similar one, right?

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    Celebrate Poolside with this Foam Noodle Menorah

    Cheezburger Image 7925616640
    By Unknown
    No shoes, just floating and keeping it Kosher in the warm sun.

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