Your child's letter to Santa probably falls under one of the following categories.

  • The Modest Request

    By Chris
    Submitter Chris says that this was dictated by his almost-three-year-old son.
  • The List Maker

    By Chris
    Number five is a bit of heart-breaker.
  • The Overly Specific

    By Chris
    Leave NO room for error!
  • The Threatener

    By Chris
    Even the PONY looks angry.
  • The Disappointed Rage

    By Chris
    Um...this child might just need some alone time right now.
  • The Polite Inquisition

    By Chris
    "How much do you weigh?" ...So not a completely polite inquisition.
  • The Open Invitation

    By Chris
    Everybody likes to feel welcome.
  • The "Never Grow Up"

    By Chris (Via: _MorganFreeman_)
    Hang on to your dreams, Chris.
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