Meet Some of the Top Dogs of the Iditarod

Check out these pictures and profiles of some of the Iditarod's top dogs!

This year's Iditarod started March 2nd, and is still going! The race kicks off from Anchorage, Alaska, spans 975 miles of snow-covered wilderness, and ends in the far northern city of Nome.

Visit the Anchorage Daily News for more information and real time updates!

  • Lance Mackey with Rev

    By Unknown
    Mackey, born and raised in Wasilla, Alaska, holds the record for most consecutive Iditarod wins at four years in a row. Rev (lower left) is the leader and star of Lance's team who has led them to victory so many times before.
  • Dozer

    By Unknown
    This charming husky is Dozer a wheel dog for Josh Cadzow's 2013 Iditarod team. As a wheel dog, he is harnessed towards the back of the team and helps turn the sled.
  • Elway

    By Unknown
    Elway, pictured here with his musher Karin Hendrickson, is a big, young dog training to be team leader. This year will be his first time in the Iditarod, but he's got the makings of a future champion!
  • Stump

    By Unknown
    Stump is an older, seasoned sled dog and honorary team lead. His musher Mike Ellis depends on Stump to get the team through the race and has said he's "got more faith in him than any dog in the world."
  • Nicolas Petit with Ugly

    By Unknown
    Originally from France, Petit is an up and coming star in the Iditarod. However, Petit's husky (ironically named Ugly) is arguably more famous than he is! Ugly doesn't actually race with the other dogs, but acts as a mascot and gives moral support to the team. He is so popular that for many years Petit was known as "that guy with the beautiful dog named Ugly". It's not hard to see why.
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