17 of Today's Funniest Memes

The day's best memes, all in one place. 

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    Funny meme of Donald Trump at the Western Wall captioned that he will build a better one.
    Via: shitheadsteve

  • 2
    Funny meme of someone who doesn't know how to flirt.
    Via: nathanielknows

  • 3
    Screenshot of an article about a man in a speedy that accidentally shot himself with 20 bottle rockets.
    Via: toptree

  • 4
    Funny guide to how to deal with everything in 2017 by just taking a picture of it with your phone.
    Via: moistbuddha

  • 5
    Picture of a guy trying to make a heart shape with a girl and her hand but gets a thumbs up instead, to be the international friendzone symbol.
    Via: superlazyrobot

  • 6
    Funny Donald Trump meme about touching one of those plasma balls that makes your hair stand up.
    Via: wolfgrillz

  • 7
    Funny meme about the conflict of ordering avocado toast for breakfast.
    Via: fakeyeezyboots

  • 8
    Dalmatian dog giving a real skeptical look captioned about when you take your ex back.
    Via: circleofidiots

  • 9
    funny pictures of a dog running after a ball and bridesmaids trying to catch the bouquet of flowers.
    Via: drgrayfang

  • 10
    Funny picture of a dog wearing a balaclava and demanding all your chicken nuggets if you want to see your cat again, captioned as 'when your good boy goes bad'
    Via: chaos.reigns_

  • 11
    Funny article of a horse that always play dead when he is supposed to go for a ride and a caption by a girl that is what she does when her partner tells her to get on top.
    Via: hoesgivenofucks

  • 12
    Great picutre of a dog in nature with a lens flare implying as the caption reads, 'who is a good boy?'
    Via: yourdogsatonmyface

  • 13
    Caption of someone who found a fossil outside their house on a picture of a blockbuster card in the woods.
    Via: mytherapistsays

  • 14
    Funny pictures of brown dog that seems to just like sitting on other dogs, captioned 'When you're flirty with everyone'
    Via: hoesgivenofucks

  • 15
    Meme of how a McDonald's advertisement would look like if they mimicked apple.
    Via: boywithnojob

  • 16
    funny meme of a person named Onomah next to Son which sounds funny when you read it together.
    Via: whitepeoplehumor

  • 17
    Meme of a fidget spinner that has a padlock on it, caption about how to ground a child in 2017
    Via: boywithnojob
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