Go on a Speed Date with Tommen Baratheon (Before He's Crowned King)

Tommen Baratheon is in line for the crown, and even Margaery has figured out that getting quality time with the future throne-squater is about to get much tougher. Let's get to know Tommen before the crown goes to his head.

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    Tommen is nothing like Joffrey.

    Via: fytommenbaratheon
    Joffrey would have never suggested sending someone a kitten as a gift.

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    He's a responsible and loving cat owner.

    Via: serpounce
    Tommen even gave his kitten a fittingly regal name, Ser Pounce.

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    He really loves cats.

    Via: serpounce
    Like really really loves kittens.

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    Loving Ser Pounce goes a long way with Tommen.

    Via: kirkwallers

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    The Future King's feline interests aren't hard to use to your advantage

    Via: agameofsextips
    Looks like Margaery might have sent this tip in by raven.

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    And Tommen's intense-cat love is already being exploited...

    Via: be-my-enemy

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    Deep down, Tommen just wants to rule all of the cats in Westeros

    Via: ragingcyst

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    Tommen: Future King, Cat Lover Forever

    Via: pennarts
    Oh yeah, he HATES beets. It's basically his only not cat-centric thought.

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