This Kid is More Stylish Than You Could Ever Hope to Be

Over at Mini Style Hacker, Collette showcases her super-fashionable four-year-old son, Ryder.

  • This post, titled "Mondays", drives home the fact that you NEVER look this put together ANY day, let alone a Monday.

  • Getting a four-year-old's hair to stay like that, even for the short amount of time required to take a photo, must merit some kind of award.

  • It's easier to just throw a hat on.

  • Ryder may not understand the concept of infinity, but he sure can rock an infinity scarf.

  • When we were kids, weren't our sunglasses of the neon plastic/Disney branded variety?

  • This kids has TORTOISESHELL sunglasses.

    Most of us don't discover the joys of tortoiseshell until our twenties.
  • Even Pharrell would be proud of Ryder's shades.

  • Ryder knows you can't go wrong with a classic look like this one.

  • (No, scratch that. THIS is a truly classic look.)

  • At the tender age of four, Ryder has already learned a lesson of utmost importance:

    Leaning never goes out of style.
  • Leaning on fences.

  • Leaning on low walls.

  • Leaning on higher walls.

  • Never stop leaning, Ryder.

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