10 Funny Favorites that Deserve a Friskies Humor Award!

The 2014 Friskies are coming and we're pumped! We can't wait to see who wins! Here's a few hair-larious cat vids that we think definitely deserve a nomination this year!

  • That's One Talkative Kitten!

  • Is This Kitten a Goat?

  • A Day in the Life of Every Cat Owner

    By Unknown
  • Come On! Play With Me!

    Via: eniem smol
  • Caught Red Handed!

  • These Cats are the Real Fruit Ninjas

  • Ais Walk Like Yoo, Hoomin!

    By Unknown
  • For Joey the Cat, the Spray Bottle is a Reward!

    By Unknown
  • His Back Feet are Never Getting Past This Cat!

    By Unknown
  • If There was Ever a Kitten in a Box Excited About Some String...

    Via: Wakaleo
    Do you have a great video that you think is worthy of the 2014 Friskies? Click here to enter and good luck!
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