Here's the Best of the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge" We've Seen so Far

Over the past few weeks the "Ice Bucket Challenge" has taken over the nicer parts of the internet. The stunt is simple: Either donate $100 to ALS (sometimes known as Lou Gehrig's Disease) research or dump a bucket of ice water on your head while issuing a challenge for others to do the same. Celebs and CEOs alike are getting in on it and helping the ALS Association post record donations. Here are some of our favorite videos so far:

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    First, here's Microsoft's Satya Nadella getting all wet:

    Via: Microsoft

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    And the New England Patriots. Nothing like giant burly football players squealing like kids taking the polar bear dip at camp!

    There was a problem rendering this video- The video may have been deleted.
    Via: New England Patriots

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    Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake continues his tyrannical run of being the Most Likable Human and Took on the Challenge

    Via: JustinTimberlake

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    Of course, Jimmy Fallon didn't back down:

    Via: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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    T-Mobile CEO John Legere took the challenge, and still donated a cool $100,000 to the cause

    Via: TMobile

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    It wouldn't be an internet phenomenon if Mr. Facebook Mark Zuckerberg wasn't involved

    Via: TV iGosu

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    Others took the challenge to new heights:

    Via: Bradley Friesen
    Skip to about 1:30 for the good stuff.

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    Of course, the challenge didn't work out perfectly for some:

    There was a problem rendering this video- The video may have been deleted.
    Via: Feitelberg Barstool Sports

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    Or this...

    Via: ChimpManSam

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    But here's what it's all about, A father with ALS and his daughter getting put on ice:

    Via: Kreg Palko
    Check out the full video here:

    You can make donations to the ALS Association right here, if you're so inclined!
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