6 Things We Learned From Last Night's Doctor Who Christmas Special! (Spoilers)

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    Santa Uses Time Lord Technology

    Via: Doctor Who
    Of course Santa is a Time Lord. It makes perfect sense, how else could one person deliver presents to everyone in the world? That sleigh is just an open top TARDIS. Sleighs are cool.

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    Christmas Can Be Creepy

    Via: badwolfkind
    Who says Christmas has to be holly-jolly? What goes better with your tangerine than a hallway of schoolroom chalkboards foreseeing your death? Now that's Christmas.

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    Steven Moffat is a Brony

    Via: Luke Forester
    It's confirmed. We're one step closer to a pony companion, which would still be better than K9.

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    The Doctor's At The Source of Earth's Constant Extraterrestrial Problems

    Via: timetravl
    The Doctor's still trying to block out those memories. Thinking about Alien gives him really bad indigestion.

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    Clara's Coming Back for Series 9!

    Via: fallen-sparrow
    The rumors were wrong, Clara survived 2014. We spent the whole year holding our breath, but like her or not, Clara's tenure isn't over yet. I wonder whose idea it was to have her hold off on announcing her return?

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    The Twist Coming in Series 9

    Via: colepaldi-in-the-tardis
    Get ready for Series 9 to be a dream all along. That tangerine is The Doctor's Totem, and those dream crabs are still slowly eating their brains.

    Until Series 9...

    Happy Who Day!

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