20 Times Gloria From Modern Family Was The Most Powerful Woman

Modern Family has been a huge success since its first season all those years ago. Bringing in one family with so many different personalities is exactly a way for everyone watching to connect. One character does stand out though. Yes we are talking about the firing latino we all love and laugh with, Gloria. Sure on the show she is a sassy and feisty woman, but sometimes you also think not only can she make us laugh... but this woman is strong, independent, and well funny! She Says what's on her mind and speaks the goddamn truth! 

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    On the future

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    Realistic Expectations

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    Getting older...

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    Learning a different language

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    On speaking the truth, even if it hurts to hear

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    On not understand pranks

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    On how to be confident always

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    On Venting

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    On saying how it really was in the past

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    On how to deal with childhood trauma

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    On explaining her heritage

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    On competition

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    On defending her ethnicity

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    On taking criticism

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    On showing who is boss

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    On taking things to literally not figuratively

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    On marriage

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    On respect

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    On never looking back

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    Being true to who you are

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