Happy Birthday, George Takei!

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George Takei turns 75 years old today. Beginning his career at a time when Asian characters on televison were extremely rare, he started out with small one-off roles in a few popular TV shows. As we all know, he eventually landed the role of Hikaru Sulu and was responsible for the character's swashbuckling fantasies that led to the scene pictured above. Outside of "Star Trek," he is an accomplished actor and activist, working for gay rights, Japanese American rights, and even getting "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" fans to stop bickering and focus on a common enemy. Clearly, it's not just okay to be Takei, it's pretty awesome.

He is also incredibly active on the internet, and there is a chance he's reading this right now. If you are George, we just want to say thanks for everything you've done, both on and off screen, and happy birthday!

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