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Today on The Daily What Geek: The original R2-D2 coffeemaker, with steps on how to make your own

Elsewhere on the Internets:

  • Debuted: The new Swizz Beatz video for "Street Knock," which features young rapper A$AP Rocky
  • Iconic: The Ford Bronco -- but how did it get this way?
  • Stolen: A bike, by its original owner, from the Craigslist seller who stole it from him
  • Idiots: People who think Obama's support for gay marriage means he's gay
  • Intriguing: Could humans ever hibernate like bears?
  • Ill-fated: The search for the next Glee
  • Remixed: The Meow Mix jingle, by Cee Lo Green with Purrfect

Lunchtime Leisure: Forty Thieves Solitaire Lunchtime List: 10 Terrible Movie Moms And The Awful Things They Said

[image: from Obama's Instagram feed, death+taxes]

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