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The state of Oregon has put eight high schools on notice -- their Native American mascots have got to go. A 5-1 vote Thursday by the Board of Education gives the schools five years to make the change, or their state funding is withdrawn.

The decision came after months of emotional debate about tolerance and tradition.

"It is racist. It is harmful. It is shaming. It is dehumanizing," said Se-ah-dom Edmo, vice president of the Oregon Indian Education Association.

On the opposing side are people like Jim Smith, the principal of Banks High School -- home of the Braves -- who grew up on the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana. "It's a chance for us to talk about family and tradition and loyalty," he said.

Wisconsin is the only other state with restrictions on Native American mascots. The law there requires school boards to prove that their mascots don't promote discrimination, harassment, or stereotyping if someone complains. Regardless, Native American mascots still abound.


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