These Web Comics Demonstrate Why Dogs Simultaneously Rule And Drool

Dogs, loyal companions, lazy wolves, and lingering odor generators. But alas, they are both teacher and student, possessing an inherent duality matched only by technology's proverbial (and literal) double-edged sword. However, they are much more cuddly than any app will could ever hope for. Below is a collection of comics that really capture some prime observations involving dogs.

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    Dogs Teach Us Much

    By rawfishandbeer (Via: Mandatory Rollercoaster)

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    The Definitive Dogs vs. Cats Comic

    By rawfishandbeer (Via: Tubey Toons)

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    The Logic of a Puppy is Pretty Tough to Refute

    By rawfishandbeer (Via: Yellow Comics)

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    Even As They Get Older, Logic Remains One of Their Strongest Suits

    By rawfishandbeer (Via: Darinda77)

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    They Even Will Protect Your Feet From Dangerously Uncomfortable Shoes

    By rawfishandbeer (Via: Gemma Correll)

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    The Last Panel is Worth a Few Tears

    By rawfishandbeer (Via: d0g bl0g)

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    This Question is Nuts

    By rawfishandbeer (Via: They Can Talk)

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    They'll Provide You Treats

    By rawfishandbeer (Via: Frenums)

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    Dogs Don't Even Get Upset At Really Bad Puns

    By rawfishandbeer (Via: EvTheSmev)

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    What Do Animals Dream About?

    By rawfishandbeer (Via: Invisible Bread)

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    Dogs Can Do Whatever They Want!

    By rawfishandbeer (Via: SMBC)

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    But Maybe It's a Good Thing We Don't Know Exactly What They Are Thinking

    By rawfishandbeer (Via: Pie Comic)
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