Photoshop of the Day: 105-Year-Old Sprinter Gets Many Makeovers

We told you yesterday about Hidekichi Miyazaki, the new world record holder for the 100-meter-dash in the over 105-year-old age group.

Reddit's photoshoppers
took it from there.

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    Here's the original photo

    Via: live4thagame

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    It took him a while to finish the 100 meters...

    Via: _Buff_Drinklots_

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    Miyazaki was sent to Westeros

    Via: What_No_Cookie

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    He joined Team Rocket in their plans for Pokémon world domination

    Via: dreamshoes

    And it devolved (geddit?) from there:

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    Miyazaki began to dress his age

    Via: DrWankalot

    And the fashion kept expanding.

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    He held aloft the bright flame of liberty

    Via: TheVikO_o

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    Miyazaki came down with a sick case of Hulkamania

    Via: todoroki

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    Hunger Games madness rules Japan

    Via: staffell

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    As a prize for his victory, he got to meet Miley Cyrus

    Via: emperordeath

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    It's unknown if he was tested for performance enhancing drugs...

    Via: Felix2099

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    And the crowd went wild

    Via: Wherever_I_May_Roam

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    Win the record, you don't have to wear pants

    Via: cracracracra

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    He's baaaaaack...

    Via: RoyalPrinceSoldier
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