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Today on The Daily What Geek: Mr. Plinkett is back with another Star Wars review

Elsewhere on the Internets:

  • Betrayed: The Today show, by decades-long superfan Linny Boyette, who showed up at Good Morning America today
  • Saluted: All men who aren't as fast as Usain Bolt, by Durex
  • Honored: A 1982 Honda Civic, with a proper funeral after 170,000 miles
  • Requested: Compensation funds from the state of Florida, by Trayvon Martin's parents
  • Crushed: NBC, by the BBC's Olympics coverage

Lunchtime Lady: Edita Rink

Lunchtime Leisure: They Love You (via)

Lunchtime List: The Funniest Internet Reactions To Curiosity Landing On Mars

[image: biotv]

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