Lunch Rush

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Lunch Rush
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Lunch Rush: This edition brought to you by Newsweek, whose issue this week covers an essay by Niall Ferguson that argues for an Obama loss come November.

What else?

  • TDW Geek: The studio behind The Secret of Kells is out with a new trailer
  • Rumored: Nicki Minaj will judge American Idol
  • Ridiculous: A valedictorian has been denied her diploma for saying "hell" in her speech
  • Sad: The Girl With the Butthole Tattoo explains why she got it
  • Finally: Scientists have discovered a male birth control pill that doesn't affect sex drive and has no side effects

Lunch Lady: Heather Darling

Lunch Leisure: Farm Fortress (via)

Lunch List: The 15 Creepiest Background Lurkers Who Aren't Cats

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