North Koreans Using Homophone to Make Fun of Kim Jung Un's Birthday

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Via Gawker
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It's Kim Jung Un's 30th birthday today, or an extra burdensome day for millions of North Koreans who will be expected to smile, clap hands and she those tears of joy. But on a slightly brighter side, North Koreans have apparently found a way to poke fun at the dear leader with his date of birth January 8 (pronounced "il-pal" or "sippal"), which happens to be a homophone for the Korean swear word "f@#king" (pronounced "sippal"). According to Korean news agencies with sources inside the totalitarian regime, referring to Kim's birthday as the "f@#king birthday celebrations" has become sort of a trend among the discontent in Pyongyang. Like that one saying goes, "there ain't no party like a Pyongyang party, 'cause a Pyongyang party is absolutely mandatory."

Hat tip to Gawker.

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