If You Only Watch the Super Bowl for the Commercials, We've Got You Covered

Brands are publishing their Super Bowl ads early this year. So, if you were only going to watch for the commercials, or you would like to actually take a break at the commercial break, look no further. Here are all the best Super Bowl commercials that are (already) available in one sleek collection.

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    This Ketchup Ad With Running Wiener Dogs Is the Most Majestic Thing You'll See All Day

    Via: Heinz Ketchup
    Sure, this is a commercial for condiments but let's face it, we're only watching for the puppies.

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    Pokémon's Super Bowl Commercial Has Come Early and It's so Good

    Via: The Official Pokémon Channel

    Why can't Pokémon be real? Why isn't Go out yet?

  • 3

    Drake and T-Mobile's Super Bowl Commercial is Exactly the Type of Meta Genius We Expect From Drake

    Via: T-Mobile

  • 4

    A Town Populated By Ryan Reynolds(es?) Is The Reason They Invented Automatic Emergency Braking

    Via: HyundaiUSA

  • 5

    Liam Neeson Is All About the Future

    Via: ExperienceLG
    And the future is.. I dunno, pixels? Motorcycles? Getting old and growing out of your long hair phase? Oh! A TV... right.

  • 6

    Lil' Wayne is Best Friends With George Washington

    Via: Super Bowl Commercials 2016
    It makes more sense as part of the full commercial with Jeff Goldblum. Not a lot more sense but at least it's got context?

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    Willem Dafoe Is Marilyn Monroe's Hungry Alter Ego

    Via: SnickersBrand

  • 8

    T.J. Miller Has a Conversation With a Plastic Orange Slice

    Via: Shock Top
    That orange slice is kind of mean-spirited.

  • 9

    Christopher Walken Knows the Importance of Socks With 'Pizzazz'

    Via: Kia Motors America

  • 10

    Even Steven Tyler Himself Finds This Disturbing


  • 11

    Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen Are Just Quoting Independence Day

    Via: Bud Light
    So this is what they were getting all dressed up for.

  • 12

    Speaking of Beer, Helen Mirren Wants Everyone to Drink Responsibly

    Via: Budweiser
    So make sure you do, jerks.
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