Ruined Childhood of the Day: Guile Was Never a Family Man Himself

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"Fate, it would seem, has played a cruel joke with Colonel Guile. One of his signature and most fearsome attack moves, the "Sonic Boom" became the reason for his complete loss of hearing. As a result of that Guile got discharged from the Air Force. And to make matters worse, during the process of the medical exam, overflown with emotions, he lost control over his temper and knocked a military official into a permanent coma. For that reason he got discharged with dishonor and lost all his privileges as a veteran officer. After doing two years in prison, his life went downhill. At this point all we know about him is that he is smuggling illegal immigrants over the border somewhere between Mexico and the state of Texas."

For more alternate universe artworks based on Street Fighter characters, be sure to check out DeviantARTist I-GUYJIN-I's Street Fighter Chronicles collection!

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