The #RunningManChallenge Is a Dance Meme That's Taken the Internet by Storm, There Is No Escape

Teens all over social media have started dancing to the 90s song "My Boo" by Ghost Town DJs and calling it the #RunningManChallenge. Now sports teams and police departments are in on it. The trend is reaching it's peak and if we've learned anything from the Harlem Shake, it's only a matter of time until your teachers and parents will start doing it too. The only option at this point is to embrace it and watch the videos.

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    First the Golden State Warriors Posted This Vine Compilation

    Via: Golden State Warriors Basketball
    These appear to be some college basketball players like the ones that started the trend. We won't go too far into the origins of this meme because Know Your Meme already did that for us.

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    Then Miami Beach PD Issued a Real Challenge

    Via: MiamiBeachPD

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    So the Miami Beach Fire Department Responded

    Via: miamibeachfire

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    And Finally, the City of Miami Police Department Made Their Own Video

    Via: Miami Police Department

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    And Just to Make Sure No One Is Left Out

    Via: Anton Nzl
    Someone made a compilation of OTHER police and fire departments doing the Running Man.

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    Now High School Baseball Teams are Having Running Man Dance Offs

    Via: AmericaEast
    Okay, we'll admit that one was pretty good but where will it end?

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    We'll Leave You With This

    Via: @GloZell
    That way you'll have plenty of time to practice making the same face Yvette Nicole Brown is making for when your mom asks you do make a Running Man Challenge video at Thanksgiving.
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