In Honor of Father's Day Here Are Some of the Best Fathers in Comics

Who's missing from this list? Also, we obviously had to include those unforgettable characters like Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth who served invaluable roles as father figures.

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    1.) Alfred Pennyworth

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    Sure, he's not Bruce Wayne's biological father, but damn if Alfred stepped up when an otherwise lost and tormented, scared little boy was left alone in the world. And he didn't stop there. He served as one heck of a voice of reason for Batman, when the Dark Knight was caught up in the throes of chaos.

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    Plus he can tell one MEAN dad joke.

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    2.) Pa Kent

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    Personal favorite right here. Think about it...a crazy alien spacecraft hurtles in from the depths of outer space to stir up a potential sh*tstorm in your small town, and then a little boy comes out of said spacecraft...and you proceed to take him in as your own. And on top of that pass along some serious sage-like wisdom before you die in a tornado, protecting your alien son's greatest secret. RIP Mr. Kent.

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    3.) Rick Grimes

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    For sure, Rick Grimes is an undeniable batsh*t crazy, borderline psychotic brute of a badass; but most of his extreme actions throughout The Walking Dead are motivated by the desire to protect his son Carl. Like remember that one time a gang of survivors tried to rape Carl, and Rick proceeded to rip one of their throats out with his teeth in desperation? Yeah. Solid dad move right there.

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    4.) Ben Parker

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    Ben's tragic death ultimately went on to inspire Peter to become the superhero we all love and cherish so much today, Spider-Man. His final words before dying, would go on to serve as a mantra repeated throughout pop culture.

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    Nuff said.

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    5.) Luke Cage

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    One of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Universe, Luke Cage managed to juggle the pressing responsibilities of being a decent father to his daughter while answering the occasional call to action by the Avengers.
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