Altercation of the Day: Man Won’t Stop Whistling Semisonic’s “Closing Time,” Woman Calls Police

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“I know who would want to take me home,” and it’s not this Oregonian.

Police responded to a report on November 26, after a woman “allegedly told a man to 'shut up' after he obnoxiously whistled the song 'Closing Time' by the band Semisonic near her driveway.” 

No one is immune to the earworm, especially this one-hit wonder, which is probably what drove this woman to involve the police.


Time spoke to Captain Mark Herb of the Forest Grove Police Department:

“It’s not clear if the caller would have been more or less upset if it was a different genre or whether it was just the talent lacking in the whistling,” Herb said.

According to Time

“While the whistler had moved on by the time police arrived, cops still located him and, according to Herb, he was still whistling ‘Closing Time.’ Police officers spoke to the man who said he was upset that he had been told to shut up. Cops sent him on his way, and according to the notes left by the officer in the police log, ‘he whistled his way back home.’”
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