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Koala Detection Dog Named Bear Saves Injured Koalas

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    "Bear has helped us locate sick and injured koalas and has recently been called to search for koalas in habitats ravaged by fires. --


    "Because they can smell what we can't see, dogs can be used to track rare animals, detect pest species and locate threatened native plants, so they have such an important role to play in conservation," Dr. Celine Frere says.

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    Not only is the world praising Bear, a few celebs has noticed this pup -- one of which said "This is a Disney movie that must be made"

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    When Tom Hanks read this tweet posted by @WeRateDogs, he knew Bear's story had to be made into a Disney film.

    Dog breed - WeRateDogs® @dog_rates This is Bear. He was abandoned as a puppy due to his OCD, but quickly found a new life as a koala detection dog. As wildfires devastate Australia's east coast, Bear is doing his best to locate any injured or misplaced koalas. He's their unexpected savior, and our thirteenth 15/10 ifaw Australia 8:00 PM - Nov 21, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone 25.8K Retweets 156.2K Likes

    "This is a Disney movie that must be made – the story of Bear, the koala detection dog," Hanks said. "That's adorable. I like Bear."

    Around the same time, another major star praised Bear, Leonardo DiCaprio posted a World Economic Forum video on Instagram that included Bear's work.

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    In a post on Facebook, Detection Dogs for Conservation wrote, "I am still unsure whether this is due to his awesome blue eyes, attractive red booties, or his heart warming story from abandoned dog to super star (it's the red booties though, right????) -

    Vertebrate - Dete tion Dog ifaw amanal Fund for AnimWelfare

    but I do need to acknowledge there are so many more amazing people doing so much more for wildlife right now, and that deserve all the recognition in the world."

    Thank you Bear, you are a hero! 

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