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Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Mr Bagel The Chinchilla

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    "Mr. Bagel is a seven year old mosaic chinchilla. He was adopted by me at an early age in the SF Bay Area and currently lives in Southern Ca. He is free to roam around the house anytime and lives for naps and treats."

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  • 2

    "Mr. Bagel, the born traveler!"

  • 3

    "Chinchillin with some coffee"

  • 4

    "Hey girl *wink*"

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  • 5

    "Throwback to baby Bagel!"

  • 6

    "Dust bath time!"

  • 7

    Eating while chinchillin' in the living room!

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  • 8

    "Life is short, and so are my arms!"

  • 9

    Mr Bagel with a tiny snowman!

  • 10

    "Hello friends!"


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