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    Okay, okay. This one is an oldie but man oh man, is it just gold! And if you haven't seen it yet well, grab some popcorn and turn off your phones because you are in for a treat. 

    Balto is actually based on true-events and off a true Wolf-dog, a Siberian Husky in other words. The story and movie adaptation of Balto is based off the events from the deadly diphtheria epidemic that was poised to sweep through Nome's young people. As Balto was chosen to lead the group on this mission through snowy, icy and dangerous Alaska. 

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    Animated cartoon - ZOOTOPIA

    Okay, animals talking and basically living like humans. Umm, yes! We can't be the only ones who slightly believe that animals do secretly have a city such as this... 

    But in case you haven't seen it, get ready for a wild (and ultimately adorable) ride as a cute rabbit cop and sly fox join forces to uncover a mystery...(P.S. super kid friendly!)

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    The Secret Life of Pets


    Ever think to yourself as you gaze into your pet's eyes/ face "hmm, wonder what they're thinking..." Well, then this adorable (kid-friendly) movie is literally for anyone who has ever thought of that. 

    Well, The Secret Life of Pets follows adorable pup Max and his adventures, specifically, the adventure in which his owner adopts another dog and Max well, does not handle it very gracefully to say the less! 

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    Don't F**k With Cats

    Cat - Baudi Timeline hares with friends, send her a f Beta Project people hUS) - Polski - Espatol rtising AdChoices

    The title literally says it all. Do NOT mess with cats, or you will feel the wrath of basically the world. 

    If you haven't already binged on this, then it's pretty much purrrfect timing. But be warned this is not very "Kid-friendly". Based on true-events, cat lovers around the world work together to take down well, a psychopath... 

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    72 Cutest Animals

    Red panda - CUTEST ANIMALS

    Ya'll... this one doesn't even need an explanation. But we'll give one anyways.

    Take a journey with Netflix and discover only (and yes we are writing only because there are for sure SO MANY MORE) of the cutest animals!! 

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    Puppy - NETFLIX DOGS

    Okay, guys, this one is a tear-jerker. And we mean it. But like happy tears!! Take a journey with 6 different amazing, heartfelt stories all about the unbreakable bond people share with their, dogs. 

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    Attention, ATTENTION ALL CAT LOVERS! (Yes, this includes us) this movie is purrrfect for all the cat lovers, an animal lover you name it! 

    Follow this extraordinary documentary journey of how cats became the rulers of the internet! 

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    Life in the Doghouse

    Dog - I Hope They Pick Me Up! Rescue.org 700

    This dynamic duo are just saints! Life in the Doghouse follows Danny and Ron as they open up their home and rescue. Their rescue, a dog sanctuary where they provide a safe home for the neediest pups (10,000 and counting!)

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    Catwalk - Tales From The Catwalk Circuit


    In case you didn't know, cats were made for the catwalk. They are gorgeous, fluffy and downright have the cattitude. So obviously why not show it off. And why not make a docu-series binge worth out of it?? Follow the journey of the well pampered and those who do the pampering, as the race for Canada's competitive cat show circuit is on! 

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    Jurassic Park - The Entire Collection


    Okay, okay, hear us out! Yes, this binge collection idea for ALL the Jurassic Park movies doesn't exactly feature adorable floofs BUT, there were some cute dinosaurs, AND it's just a classic oldie but goodie! 

    Take a walk down memory lane (like millions of years ago) to a park were dinosaurs exist, and ultimately... escape. But mother nature always has a way of coming full circle. 


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