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8 "Cat-ercises" to Get You Back into Shape

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    Cat-ercise Ball

    Cheezburger Image 7818063104
    Let's start off with some aerobics to get that heart pumping. It's time to burn the cream and get lean!
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    Leg Lifts

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    Your trouble with that flabby mid-section will be a thing of the past. Pretty soon the only spare tire you'll have is that stuffed toy your human brought home.
  • 3

    Shake and Lick

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    This is a great routine to help you strengthen those chest muscles and grab those jingle balls. Plus it will impress your human and get you some extra yum-yums...low fat, of course!
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    Yarn Crunches

    Cheezburger Image 7818094080
    Now it's time to get down to business. Let's use that ball of yarn to its full potential. If you do this correctly, this exercise will get you to YOUR full potential as well!
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  • 5

    Bosu Balancing Ball

    Cheezburger Image 7818097920
    Don't forget about balance! Agility is one of our finest evolutionary advantages, and you're going to need it if you want to get back into shape!
  • 6

    Punching Bag

    Cheezburger Image 7818099200
    Now it's time to hit the bag. This will enhance your strength and balance. We want an honest workout so be sure to avoid bags with PAC...that's performance enhancing catnip.
  • 7

    Speed Yarn

    Cheezburger Image 7818096384
    Let's move to the speed yarn. I know what you're've done this a thousand times. Well you might be surprised at your current coordination. This is essential to developing a fast eye and a quick paw!
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  • 8

    TP Roller

    Cheezburger Image 7818088192
    Who said exercise can't be fun? This is a great cool-down routine after a successful workout. Just make sure your humans aren't home when you hit the roller!

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