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Adorably Amusing Husbands Rescuing And Loving Cats

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    Cat - Jennifer Cremeans Mr. "No more cats allowed in the house ever" right here lol. D 14 Like · Reply Message 2d

    They all claim, for some reason, that they will not love cats. But they all cave eventually. We do not know why the refuse so hard to admit that kitties are the cutest, fluffiest, most awwdorable and wholesome and heartwarming being ever, but at the end of the day, no one can withstand the power of Cat. 

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    Vertebrate - Beth Napp Gore We are currently at 1 dog and 17 cats. My husband has composed the "Little Kittens" song that he sings every day when he goes out to feed them. to them 45 Like · Reply · Message 2d

    What we would not give to be have you record him when he does this and let us listen to it. That must be the most adorable and wholesome thing ever. How you don't melt every time this happens is beyond us. Or maybe you do. We would totally understand if you do lol. He sounds like a keeper. 

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    Organism - Rachel Hoaglin my husband basically did that with our youngest cat, who is now 10 yo. He came home from his daughter's house with a little, sick, kitty, who was bout 9 mo. I had told him if we found a British Shorthair, we could add to our load *there were 3 at the time*. Nope, he had to bring in this ragamuffin. He was cute as can be and has become my husband's comfort animal. Now we have 6 cats... Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Rectangle - Nina Barber Franco Yeah, my man likes to come running to me carrying his laptop saying, " you have to look at this poor kitten!" He goes for all the sob stories, which explained why one of our kitties is blind, one is a dwarf with a cleft lip, one has cerebellar hypoplasia, (like cerebral palsy in cats), . .... Like · Reply · Message · 2d
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    Rectangle - Paul Johanson Um. My wife married me and I'm the one collecting cats 10 Like · Reply Message · 2d
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    Font - Amy Landis Summer 2020: I have knee surgery and caught covid. My husband had to do everything around the house for weeks. In the evening he would sometimes sit on a bench we have in the front yard since he couldn't go anywhere. He befriended a big fluffy stray and when she showed up injured we took her to the vet and made her ours. It's our 4th cat. 3 my hubby rescued. Still can't believe with everything that was going on he was opened to taking on one more thing to care for. Like Reply M
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    Font - Suzanne West Mine is totally like that except, he's the one that brought in the stray preggers kitty that presented us with 7 little thank you notes on top of the five older cats we already had. But, he's a total trooper about cleaning all the litter pans, along with handing out treats to our next door neighbor's five outside kitties. 1 Like Reply Message 2d
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    Human body - Sam Herrington My husband keeps bringing home critters. I'm hoping 4 cats & a dog is enough LOL 10 Like · Reply · Message · 2d
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    Font - Suzanne West Sam Herrington don't bet on it. Lol. I say my sweet man is just making up for lost time. The closest thing he had to a pet for the first 21 years of his life was his parents' little herd of cows at their country property and farm. Then he met me and our cat made him one more of his many cat converts. Funny thing though, he was my only boyfriend the cat took a liking to. The cat tried (and usually succeeded) to scare every other guy I dated. The joke in our family was my man h
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    Font - As it turned out my mom and his mom used the same beautician. One mom went on Thursdays and the other mom went on Fridays. Go figure. Her shop was just down the street from my in-law's house and my husband grew up playing with the beautician's sons. When my mom told her about the new guy I was dating, her response was, "Oh, my gosh. I know (husband's name). He and my boys played together for years. His parents are good quality people and so is he."
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    Font - Not long after we married his job transferred us to another city. We'd come back and see our parents one or two weekends a month. My parents had a spare bedroom, so we generally stayed there. Our cat always slept with me and he was highly unhappy with me for moving out. He punished me by sleeping with my husband on his side of the bed away from me instead of sleeping by me again. About a year later we transferred back to our home city and my mom rescued a teeny little tabby cat. Our, now
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    Font - My husband rescued our second cat that our first cat readily accepted and taught how to housecat. My husband has continued to make up for his no pet years in the ensuing 48 years after that. But, it's OK. I love that I was smart enough to fall for a true animal lover. And, our kids are much the same as are their spouses and our adult grandson. If somebody doesn't like animals, they don't fit in with this bunch. Like · Reply Message 2d Edited

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