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Cats Behaving Like The Weirdos They Are: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

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    Wood - Megan Marie My Loki (Maine Coon/ Siberian Forest Cat mix) sploots like a Corgi and cuddles his favorite pasta spoon. He also loves to lounge on his back with a cat toy balanced on his face. I could tell you all about him but but theres not enough space.

    Please - oh, my god - we beg you to share more details about this cat and all of his weird habits. More pictures too please. This is one of the most hilarious things we have read in forever. He is amazing, thank you so much for sharing even just this little bit about him with us. 

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    Rectangle - Debbi Reaid My little girl Maple sits at the window watching the birds and licks the window. She also licks water from the rim of her water bowl. She never drinks from the middle always the rim 3 Like · Reply Message 11h

    Hey, have we not all thought about licking the television when some particularly good food was on screen? Can you really blame her or make fun of her for trying to do it when we would all love to try it too? She has to try, every single time, to hopefully one time get the result that she wants. It's called determination. 

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    Rectangle - Jenni Zimoch I had a cat who ADORED celery. She'd rub it and roll on it and just love it for a day or 2 till got too manky and I took it away. it Like · Reply Message 8h
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    Rectangle - Tania Thériault Each time I eat a cheese or pepperoni stick, my cat begs/waits for me to give her the wrapper. She will lick it until it's all "clean". Like · Reply · Message 6h - Edited
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    Rectangle - Top Fan Geli Conner My parents cat likes kale and even inspects all grocery bags to see if they've brought him any. They can't even say 'kale' around him, they have to spell it. When they have no kale for him, he settles for lettuce. Like · Reply Message 5h
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    Font - Top Fan Kiina Jade Our Moodle will have arguments or deep discussions with my partner. He'll; "OwWurGUwowogur" At her and she'll reply with "ArghgWOwgurW!" This will go on for several minutes. It's my absolute favourite thing. 4 Like Reply Message 9h
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    Felidae - Lori Johnson Not a fan of cuddling, but he often falls asleep while guarding my bedroom door. Also, that doorstop is his favourite toy. 1
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    Cat - Sonia Bishop Our cat waits for my hubby to carry her to bed every night aa Will even get into position on her side so he can lift her "the right way" lol
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    Cat - Top Fan Abby Quintanilla Domino MUST inspect bags from the inside. All bags ag ailowe 2
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    Vertebrate - Top Fan Taramay Curtis Not sure what my cat is trying to tell me here Like · Reply · Message 10h Edited
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    Cat - Terri Patterson Yoga. 1
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    Organism - Joy Stamey This one here "Max" will wake me up meowing in the middle of the night and won't stop till I move over and he gets his own pillow and side of the bed
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    Carnivore - Rai Carasig My baby always sleeps on his back, doesn't like to be petted on the head but loves belly scratches.
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    Furniture - Amy Hurd Atticus sits like this all the time. Befill
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    Rectangle - Angie Mashburn My bffs cat slaps all the water out of their water bowl. One of my cats will scream at us from 8pm until..for his nightly can of wet food and it better not have seafood in it (none of my cats will eat seafood) and my bffs other cat liles to sleep on my bathroom sink so if you need to use it you're SOL

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