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Tweets Defending The Purrfection That Is Black Cats

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    Product - Alyssa D. Silos @Alythuh black cats are bad luck? then explain tofu 11:37 PM · Jun 13, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 1,467 Retweets 59 Quote Tweets 19.9K Likes
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    Luggage and bags

    There truly is no way to explain the absolute cuteness of this black kitty cat. This is a kitten who will not be stopped by anything to create mayhem. Being tiny will not stop it, walls will not stop it. This is a tiny black void on a mission, and its mission is to prove to everyone that black kittens are not bad luck.

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    The beauty of this black kitten is that even sitting on a rug that looks like it possibly came straight from hell does not stop it from being adorable. Not bad luck. Though... we can totally see ourselves tripping over this baby when it's sleeping on this rug in the middle of the night. Still not bad luck.

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    Cat - Erin ... @SmolErin Replying to @Alythuh Tofu is so adorable! Black cats are the best, like my girl Olive
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    Cat - megan gilmour @meegaaannn ... Replying to @Alythuh Also explain Darwin and his dress ......
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    Cat - Alexander Gibson @AlexGibson170x ... Replying to @meegaaannn and @Alythuh My boy toothless loving the sink! DCHY SERINE CARE
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    Cat - em ... @emsttfeld Replying to @Alythuh Valerie's not bad luck, although she's 100% evil
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    Cat - .hack//MEZZ @mezzylove Replying to @Alythuh Mine just showed up in my garage the weekend before Halloween and has honestly been the best thing in my life in a while
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    Cat - Kllpe ... @artisticworld23 Replying to @Alythuh This is our black cat Loki. Sending greetings to Tofu!
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    Cat - Travis 4 ... @_TravisHudson Replying to @Alythuh and @westsabbb All black cats need to be treasured
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    Eye - fuck a princess, l'm a king @finnwittrocky21 ... Replying to @Alythuh I even named this boi after the king evil vampire and he's such a sweet good blessing whom I love so much
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    Cat - punchys bffe •blm!! @AliceAuroraa ... Replying to @Alythuh Vicious Momo
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    Cat - Angst @FarkleSparks ... Replying to @Alythuh Explain Binx. Nothing in particular just why he
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    Cat - rice-esq. * @xtraricepls ... Replying to @Alythuh My precious Cleopatra

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