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Unexpectedly Cool And Educational Animal Facts

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    Mouth - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff After a crocodile had been shot in the head and left for dead, a local fisherman from Costa Rica nursed it back to health before releasing it into the wild. The next day, the man discovered that 'Pocho' the nursed crocodile, had followed him home and was sleeping on the man's porch. For 20 years, Pocho became part of the man's family.

    We always find it amazing, the way that animals can learn to get along with humans or animals from other species in different situations. The number of stories we've heard of dogs befriending other animals is insane, cats, we've heard of as well, chickens adopting kittens, all of it. But crocodiles? That's something special. 

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    Cat - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff In 2015, a cat named Masha found an abandoned baby in a box in the snow. She climbed in to keep the baby warm, while meowing to get the attention of people passing by, thus, saving the baby's life.

    We have actually heard of this story back when it was happening in 2015, and it is as amazing to read about it and remember it now as it was back then. Animals' instincts are strong, and they can tell when something is wrong. This story is one of the most incredible we've heard of. 

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    True frog - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff Facing a drought in 2019, priests in Bhopal, India, married two frogs to gain favor with the God of Rain. Two months later, clerics had to divorce the frogs to provide relief from the relentless rain that destroyed more than 9,000 houses.
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    Dog - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff Dogs may pretend to be sick, just to get more attention from their owners.
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    Insect - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff Spiders' legs curl up when they die because they don't have muscles in their legs - they extend them using a system of hydraulics powered by their blood pressure.
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    Vertebrate - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff Tigers can, and will take revenge on those who have wronged them. They are one of the most vengeful animals on the planet.
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    Dog - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff Humans and dogs are the only two species known to seek visual cues from each other's eyes. And dogs only do it with humans.
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    Vertebrate - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff Squirrels will adopt orphaned squirrel babies that have lost their mothers.
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    Dog - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff When playing with female puppies, male puppies will often let them win, even if they have a physical advantage.
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    Bird - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff For thousands of years, Europeans did not know where birds went in wintertime. The mystery was partly solved in 1822 when a German hunter shot down a stork. The stork had an 80cm long Central African spear impaled in its neck. This provided the first evidence that they migrated to Africa.
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    Carnivore - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff Honey badgers eat porcupines and poisonous snakes, raid beehives for honey, kidnap baby cheetahs and steal food from hungry lions.
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    Working animal - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff A cow in Poland escaped a slaughterhouse by smashing through a metal fence and breaking the arm of a farm worker that tried to catch her. She then dove into nearby water and swam out to an island in the middle of the lake and lived alone.
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    Organism - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff More than 50 percent of koalas have chlamydia.
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    Bird - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff Rainbow Lorikeet birds routinely get drunk by drinking fermented flower nectar.
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    Hair - GUFF OFACTS facts by Guff Dolphins have been known to protect humans when they are in trouble. A surfer from California was once attacked by a shark when a group of dolphins surrounded him and escorted him safely to shore.

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