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List Of Super Weird Things Doggos Do For No Apparent Reason

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    Font - Weird things your dog does? [Fluff] Mine: 1. Has to keep eye contact while she burps and while she kicks to mark territory 2. Puts a bunch of kibble in her mouth and takes it to the couch to eat 3. Gets "digging in the sand" zoomies 4 76 3 1, Share 122 + Award

    Every doggo has their own set of unique habits and traits! This specific dog''s habits include lots of simultaneous burping, kicking, and marking of territory. Interesting, certainly unique. We've got to meet this silly pooch.

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    Font - Teal_Rose • 15h 1. She does "human kisses". When I ask for kisses she doesnt lick like most dogs but instead smooshes her nose and mouth against your check. 2. The first thing she does when I get home is run around like a maniac until she locates the perfect toy to bring me in greeting. 3. She purposely takes longer to poop when it's raining so she can get wetter. Because she knows the wetter she gets, the more toweling off she gets. As soon as we get back inside she immediately runs into

    We are just dying to see a doggo give a kiss "human style." The shmooshier, the better. We'd also be quite down to be on the receiving end of one of these famous human style shmooshy doggo kisses. 

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    Font - igglesfangirl · 15h 1. Eats the colored bits out of his food first. 2. Waits to poop until my husband walks him. Our schedule does not always allow this, and I sense his disappointment when he has to poop for me.
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    Font - 1throwawayor4 · 17h 1-She happy snorts. Before a walk, before a treat, etc. She'll snort. 2-The first bite she eats, she picks up in her mouth, spits onto the floor, then eats her bowl. When she's done, she eats the food she spat out on the floor 3-When she gets a high value treat, she celebrates. She flips and jumps and goes nuts. 4-She will not lie on the floor unless she has a blanket or bed under her. Unless she's hot. 5-lf it's raining/the grass is wet from previous rain, she will no
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    Font - Warm-Bed2956• 17h 1 He is always the last one out of bed. This is usually around 9:30 - 10:00 am. 2 His favorite thing in the world to do is come with us to the garbage room to throw out trash. We refer to it as "helping". 3 He goes into the closet every night before bed. We say that he is checking for monsters. 4 EDIT Bc he just did this and I forgot before. He prefers a glass of water over his bowl. 5 EDIT2 Every morning before he eats breakfast, I sprinkle a little bit of shredded chee
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    Font - briittanyy · 17h Ellie: Decker Rat Terrier | Elsie: Australian Shepherd Let's see... Has trained herself that when the neighbor dogs start barking, she comes inside rather than joining them in their morning song (this one has been really nice, I must admit) Will pick up and carry anything you hand her, and sometimes things you don't. Anything at all. drop something, she will pick it up before you can even process you've dropped it. you She also steals things and tries to hoard them in her
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    Font - CurvePuzzleheaded361 · 17h She wont sit if it has been raining, if i ask her to sit, she hovers her bum just above the ground. She wont rollover on any hard surface, only carpeted or grass for my princess! Does a loud burp every morning after her breakfast. Sits at my feet until i pick her up - anytime i look out of the window and she wants to look too 6 Reply 1 15 3 + ...
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    Font - SeaOtterHummingbird · 15h After my dog eat, he runs over to me to "check his tummy". (I rub his sides and say, that looks good). Then I saw how was your dinner? He licks and smacks his lips repeatedly, then burps. Then I respond, Wow! Must have been delicious!
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    Font - mcac • 17h When I give him whole carrots as a treat, he begins repeatedly flinging the carrot up into the air and pouncing on it. As it breaks into smaller pieces from biting it, he begins flinging those smaller and smaller pieces all over the place, never eating any of it, just playing with it, until there are a million small pieces of carrot all over the place for me to clean up. If I give him chopped carrots he just eats them. Needless to say he does not get whole carrots very often (I
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    Font - CaledoniaSky · 12h My girl is completely blind, missing a leg, has one icy blue eye and brown eye and has Valley Fever but she's only 3 so she's still got puppy energy so there's a lot about her that's pretty unusual. But my favorites are: 1. She seems to save her burps for me; she sits next to me and when I bend down to give her kisses she burps. 2. The 3 legged poo dance. She does these little post- poo zoomies for about 2 seconds, blink and you'd miss it. 3. She has a signature spin mo
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    Font - atlantisgate · 17h shih tzu mystery mix Must rub his face on my feet after breakfast. After dinner any old surface will do, but after breakfast it must be my feet. My dog gets the digging zoomies too. Kills me everytime.
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    Font - BeLynLynSh · 17h 1- When I take her outside for her morning walk, she initially gets into a crouch and howls as if to let the whole neighborhood that she is out. 2- we give her those hard Yak cheese stick things, and she will chew on it while laying on her back. Somehow she never chokes!
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    Font - kje199 · 16h name: breed She isn't a really snuggly dog, but when she's tired she'll come over and push her face into mine until I kiss her snout and then she'll go to her bed and go to sleep. She's supposed to be a Labrador RETRIEVER but she actually enjoys chasing her ball more than retrieving it. She'll chase her ball and then lie down next to it and wait for me to catch up and throw it again. She is trained to retrieve and will do if we tell her to, but sometimes she's just lazy. If I
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    Font - Working-Photograph12 · 17h One of my pits uses low growls as a purr. She even does it while licking people. It freaks people out because she curls her lips like a growl. But it is her happy noise.
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    Font - Threeblooms 16h Mine always gets in my driver's seat. I put him in the passenger seat and by the time I walk around to get in to drive, he's in my seat. I've had 3 Labs, and they all do this.
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    Font - schnauzer27• 14h 1. My mini schnauzer mix must army crawl in the grass as soon as she gets outside. 2. If she's sitting on the couch, her belly must be out for scratches. 3. She will only sleep sandwiched right in between my partner and I. 4. When we walk downstairs to let her out or take her for a walk, she howls at us the entire time as if she's saying "hurry up, I wanna go outside guys!!!"

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