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Hundreds Of Capybaras Now Rule A Neighborhood In Argentina: Funny Memes And Tweets

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    So first of all, this is a Capybara.

    Small animal food - Elbardo @Elbardo_ts Replying to @Tekking101 capybaras are called "carpinchos" in Argentina. here's one drinking argentine national drink called mate

    Capybaras are known for being cute, cuddly, and adorable, but they're also known for being the world's largest rodents. This makes them both absolutely awwdorable, and a bit of a force to be reckoned with. These rodents are also known as carpinchos in Argentina, what a cute name!

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    And here is a video of the Capybara infestation:

    This entire video is honestly gold. The slow panning, the blooper style music. We feel a bit bad for the residents who have to deal with all the capybaras, but honestly it sounds like a really cute way to live. I mean who wouldn't want to spend all of their time with giant rodents?

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    As videos of the Capybaras went viral, people quickly took sides.

    Human body - Wictor @Wictor2077 Carpinchos reclaim their territory by force, im with team carpincho on this one
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    Twitter users in Argentina have even started making memes about the Capybaras.

    Grey - eD Bruno @BrunoHorna Carpinchos al poder 2000 BANCO CENTRAL DE LA REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA 2000 DOS MIL PESOS 2000

    In English, the caption says "Power to the Capybaras".

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    Adaptation - evelyn @morrisseysgay ... just found out giant guinea pigs aka capybaras have "destroyed lawns, bitten dogs, and caused traffic jams" in a wealthy community in Argentina and all i can say is i love them and i think theyre doing a great job AT LA ALAMEDA
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    "Capybaras recovering the wetland territory- Oil Painting, 2021"

    Ecoregion - Mica @psicodeliactiva "Carpinchos recuperando el territorio de humedales." - Pintura al óleo, 2021
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    Coin - .. Morochus Hagrid O @RoCaAngular_ Replying to @BrunoHorna DEL CA OKIRNTA CARPINCHO 2011 URUGUAY RURPUBLICA
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    Human - MuseumToday @MuseumToday [Artist unknown] - Mural in Buenos Aires celebrating the capybara invasion of Nordelta (2021) CHDP LEAN DSD LEY DE HUMEDALES YA [Artist unknown] - Mural in Buenos Aires celebrating the capybara... Posted in r/museum by u/inanimatecarbonrob• 3 points and 2 comments P reddit.com
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    Sleeve - consultor de dioses antiguos @RamiroMiles4 Replying to @BrunoHorna i believe in CARPINCHO SUPREMACY
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    Font - Natasha Ploy @cosmicflesh im glad NZ news has finally caught onto the capybara revolution happening in Argentina but this has been happening for a while now lol rise up lil carpinchos
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    Felidae - RogersBitcoin 0.010 @YoSoyRogerRen ... Replying to @GraffitiRadical Un chiguire chiguiriando a otro
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    Gesture - Terror Smith @EvilGalProds Goats in Georgia, zebras in Maryland, pigs in Rome maybe we should just.. give it back to them?

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