Psycho Roommate Gets Caught Trashing Woman's Room On Security Camera

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    Font - Alfred Bitchcock ... @aquarius_bimbo Imagine trashing someone's room, stealing their mattress, harassing and bullying them, and then beg for an apology? Oh wait you don't have to my psycho roommate already did that 9 let's see what she does next on the next episode of 'Morons Who Don't Know Security Cameras Exist'!

    Loving the energy in this tweet. This girl is not taking any more sh*t from her psycho roommate anymore. 

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    Here's the security footage of the aforementioned psycho roommate. 

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    Here's the roommate being escorted out by the cops. 

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    Font - Tuesday 12:20 PM i really don't want you to take it personally that it's a massive waste of my time and energy during a scary time in my life to move out of a house i have lived in and decorated for 3 years. if you want me to shut up i'm going to have to be that direct now my first legal address i have built credit with and lived in for, sorry, almost 4 years now? no. you can't have it. you have to work for it like i did. lol if you're gonna keep texting me like this I'm gonna continue to

    This crazy text conversation begins. 

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    Font - Today 2:11 PM something i wanted to clear up. i didn't abandon anyone. i was having a mental health crisis and i sought inpatient help when my support system failed. it was very mature of me. i would have appreciated it if you showed me some basic human respect. instead you ran off with your own convenient assumptions and gossiped about me like a kid. you have done a lot of harm for someone who believes in karma. HA that is just to say, if you ever felt like apologizing, i'm all ears. Tod
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    Font - olivia II e @olivia888_ Replying to @aquarius_bimbo ew the "you don't have power like that girl" made me cringe i'm so sorry she sounds awful 5:08 PM · Oct 17, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Alfred Bitchcock @aquarius_bimbo Replying to @olivia888_ Oh yeah no she's the human version of bile to me at this point. Just a plain old nuisance lol 6:09 PM · Oct 17, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Alfred Bitchcock ... @aquarius_bimbo not me having caffeine and suddenly having the urge to talk to my psycho roommate like we're cool forgot who she was for a sec 1:57 AM · Oct 24, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

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