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Adopt-a-Bimbo: 10 Petfinder Pup Names That Only A Mother Could Love

  • 1

    Descriptive Name

    Dog - Underbite Lhasa Apso Mix Brooklyn, NY

    Seems a bit too literal no? Fang might be the more appropriate choice here…

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  • 2

    Provocative Name

    Dog - Bimbo Bimbo Mixed Breed Staten Island NY

    The stunning edit, the casual half-cracked smile; Bimbo looks like a classy lady!


  • 3

    Professional Name

    Dog - Coach Ben Shepherd Brooklyn, NY

    He's a licensed professional do not question his coaching methods.


  • 4

    Flashy Name

    Dog - Doug Shazam • Chihuahua Belleville, NJ

    Doug Shazam takes his selfies like moms on Facebook!

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  • 5

    Edgy Name

    Dog - Shoelace Cairn Terrier Glendale, NY
  • 6

    Fandom Name

    Dog - Dobbie Labrador Retriever Mix Flushing, NY

    HP fans to the front. Immediately.

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  • 7

    Delicious Name

    Photograph - Matzah Ball Goldendoodle Mix Brooklyn, NY
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  • 8

    Battle Name

    Photograph - Tank Chihuahua Far Rockaway, NY
  • 9

    Cookout Name

    Dog - Coleslaw
  • 10

    America’s Favorite Name

    Dog - Dunkin Terrier Mix Wantagh, NY


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