8 Extremely Questionable Life Hacks Involving Sex Toys

  • 1
    Neck - How many sunglasses have you accidentally left somewhere?Turn those nipple clamps into an adjustable necklace so youP never lose a pair again.)
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  • 2
    Text - Achy wrists at work from typing on your computer? A double-headed dildo will solve that!
  • 3
    Product - Keep memories hung tightly with those extra nipple clamps THE
  • 4
    Leg - Your dish towels will always have a slot to dry in your kitchen with the help of this fake vagina!
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  • 5
    Bottle - ROJA Don't want your wine to go bad? Plug that bottle up with a (clean) butt plug!
  • 6
    Finger - Use a penis pump to unclog your kitchen sink!
  • 7
    Having friends over? Get out those cock rings and use them as napkin holders to add an extra aesthetdick to dinner.
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  • 8
    Organism - This suction-cup dildo makes for an easy-to-erect and sturdy toilet paper holder


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