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19 First Time Experiences Caught On Camera

  • 1

    This Husky's First Time See A Kangaroo

    Picture of a husky dog encountering a kangaroo for the first time.
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  • 2

    Polar Bears Exciting First Snow

    Polar cub's first snow.
  • 3

    Dogs First Time Seeing His Shadow

    GIF of a dog playing with his shadow, jumping up and down trying to catch it.
  • 4

    Versus A Cats First Time With Snow

    Cat pictures of kitty freaking out the first time seeing snow.
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  • 5

    Dog Meets The New Kittens

    Dog meets kittens for the first time.
  • 6

    Baby Elephants First Time At The Beach

    Baby elephant rolling around in the sand on the beach
  • 7

    Puppies First Taste Of Snow

    Cute golden retriever puppy playing in the snow, with a dab of white stuff on his snout.
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  • 8

    Cats First Watermelon

    Cat on kitchen counter curiously inspecting a watermelon with open mouth.
  • 9

    Little Baby Bears First Lesson In Climbing

    Big massive bear teaches tiny cub how to climb a tree.
  • 10

    First Time Seeing The Ceiling Fan... Spin

    Cats freaking out at seeing a ceiling fan in a snapchat image.
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  • 11

    Baby Birds First Flight

    Cute baby birds jumping out of a man-made birdhouse.
  • 12

    Pups First Hike - Looking Very Proud

    Cute puppy standing proudly on a few slabs of rock in the woods.
  • 13

    Cats First Time Out In The World

    Funny pictures of a cat with a leash on that looks stunned, comment string explaining it is the first time the cat has ever been outdoors.
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  • 14

    Baby Giraffes First Kiss

    Big giraffe leaning down and giving a kiss to the top of the head of a cute little baby giraffe.
  • 15

    Little Baby Chimp's First Walk

    Very cute little chimp taking a walk.
  • 16

    Kittens First Time Seeing A Christmas Tree ( Those Eyes!!!!)

    Wide-eyed kitten that looks hypnotized, with stars in his eyes, said to be memorized by a Christmas tree.
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  • 17

    Baby Mountain Goats First Climb.... Very Patient Mother

    Mountain goat momma and baby climbing up a rocky cliff, with baby looking hesitant and mother glaring at him impatiently.
  • 18

    Kittens First Car Ride!

    Kitten in a car staring out the window in amazement, and standing up on the edge of his pillow.
  • 19

    And Then First Shower - The Look Of Betrayal :(

    Last picture of animal's first experiences - The look of betrayal on a cat taking his first shower.


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