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Who'll Join Shane, Andrea and Hershel? The Characters Most Likely To Survive The Walking Dead Finale

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    Facial hair

    Things don't look good for Rick Grimes. He may have been the central focus of the show since the very first episode, but the last half of Season 4 has spent far more time focusing on other people. They've introduced a comic book favorite and natural leader in Abraham. That and the rumors have been floating around AMC for months about a lead male leaving to pursue other avenues. Plus Carl was an idiot and said,

    Be careful what you wish for Carl.

    Rick Grimes' Survival Odds:10%

    Cause of Death: Carl didn't stay in the house.

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    Jungle - עאP אאRXA

    Things are looking better for Michonne. She has a new family in Rick and Carl, and frankly all of it is just adorable, too adorable. Seems like the perfect time for Kirkman and his sociopaths to rip happiness from of her hands. Just like Carol with Lizzie, Michonne will have to watch another family die, because living characters can't be happy!

    Michonne's Survival Odds:65%

    Cause of Death: A broken heart

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    Outerwear - Www

    Carl is all but safe in my mind (which may mean he's in the most danger), because if he dies, who's going to get everyone in trouble all the time? The only way Carl is going to die is if they really want Rick to become as mopey as Morgan for all of Season 5

    Carl Grimes' Survival Odds: 90%

    Cause of Death: Pudding induced diabeetus

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    Maggie and Glenn


    After six and a half episodes apart, Maggie and Glenn finally reunited; manly tears were shed by all. Unfortunately, Maggie went and burned that picture, jinxing them for the rest of time. I doubt both will survive Terminus, but I also doubt both will die. Which of these two will get the axe? I dunno, you got a coin?

    Glenn Rhee's Survival Odds: 50%

    Cause of Death: Some heroic sacrifice.

    Maggie Greene's Survival Odds: 50%

    Cause of Death: Saving Glenn's butt

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    Maybe if we all "claim" hard enough now, the rules of the hunt will put Daryl's life in our hands. Like always, Daryl's dual nature has put him in a precarious situation. He's part of the group hunting Rick and who knows what will happen when they finally cross paths.

    I think the creators know the mantra by now, "if Daryl dies, we'll riot", but I wouldn't put it past them to call the bluff. Plus, that rumor of a male lead leaving could be about Norman Reedus not Andrew Lincoln.

    Daryl Dixon's Survival Odds: 25%

    Cause of Death: Torn apart by walkers or fangirls (same thing?)

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    Like Carol, Tyreese has the benefit of being the furthest away from the action at Terminus, but unlike Carol he hasn't really done much this season. He lost Karen, he's been separated from Sasha, but they still have Little Ass Kicker.

    Tyreese's Survival Odds: 60%

    Cause of Death: Carol's gas can.

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    Tara Chambler

    Street fashion

    Tara's still a relatively new character which makes her odds of survival small, but she does have one thing going for her: Glenn lied. Maggie doesn't know that Tara was part of the team that killed her father, and that potential future drama might be enough to spare her for Season 5.

    Tara Chambler's Survival Odds: 20%

    Cause of Death: Eaten off screen.

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    You either love or hate Carol. Were her decisions right and moral or is she turning into The Governor 2.0? Either way, her subplot has been easily the most interesting of the season, and since she and Tyreese are the least likely to even make it to Terminus on Sunday, her odds are pretty good.

    Carol Peletier's Survival Odds: 65%

    Cause of Death: Just look at the flowers.

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    Sasha and Bob


    Sasha and Bob have a couple things working against them as we head into the season finale. First, they just hooked up; it's never safe when you're in a couple (just ask Beth). Second, they're almost the most minor characters that entered Terminus last week which is not a good place to be. Between the two of them, they're pretty evenly split as far as importance to the story. Sasha has her brother Tyreese still out there, but Bob's alcoholism might make him interesting enough to keep around, but I doubt it. More than likely they'll be appetizers at the Terminus welcoming feast.

    Sasha's Survival Odds: 30%

    Cause of Death: Snackrifice

    Bob's Survival Odds: 30%

    Cause of Death: He's already marinated in whiskey, that's too good to pass up.

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    The New Kids


    Abraham, Eugene and Rosita are the new kids on the former cell block, which traditionally would ensure instant death, but not this time. Abraham is a favorite from the comic books who often co-leads the group with Rick, and Eugene's DC based zombie cure could easily become the main plot starting in Season 5.

    Unfortunately for Rosita, her booty shorts and lack of story make her the most likely death of this new trio.

    Abraham Ford's Survival Odds: 75%

    Cause of Death: Cut down in a hail of gunfire.

    Dr. Eugene Porter's Survival Odds: 65%

    Cause of Death: Walkers grab him by the mullet.

    Rosita Espinosa's Survival Odds: 50%

    Cause of Death:: Too much exposed skin.

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    Bonus: Beth Greene


    Beth lived a long life. She drank moon shine and got to hug Daryl, what else did she need to live for? We'll definitely learn her fate in the finale, and there's a small chance she hasn't been killed, but I wouldn't put money on it. Especially because she already threw herself under the bus:

    Thanks Beth! Ain't no way you're living after that.

    Beth Greene's Survival Odds: < 1%

    Cause of Death: Sish kaBeths


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