When A Cat Unexpectedly Gives Birth Under Your Bed (Animation)

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When it comes to cats, sometimes, the most random things can happen. From finding your cats sitting in a diner randomly to your cat deciding to sit in on your zoom call out of nowhere, to situations that are a bit more difficult than those, such as coming home and finding discovering that a cat has given birth under your bed. Not your cat either. Just some random cat. 

Inspired by true stories of cats giving birth in unexpected places, check out the newest animation by our resident cat person, @sleepyskele, about a guy adopting the litter a random cat gave birth to under his bed. 

Animation by @sleepyskele, check out his portfolio and his Fiverr.

For more original animations from @sleepyskele, check out 'Adoption Through The Eyes Of A Senior Cat and a kitten rescue going hilariously wrong

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