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20 Cool Gifts Your Father Will Totally Love

  • 1

    A cocktail kit

    Product - CARRY on M00 FEET ald Fashioned COCKTAIL KIT The Old Fashioned X X

    A cocktail kit that's basically like having a bartender in your pocket — just add a nip of whiskey, and you're good to go. $17.98 on Amazon.

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  • 2

    Noise Cancelling Headphones


    QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones. These are, hands down, the best noise-canceling headphones on the market — perfect for dads who want to shut out the world and just 

    relax  a little. 350$

  • 3

    The Ultimate Coffee Machine

    Product - spinn

    Wi-Fi-Enabled Coffee and Espresso Machine. This easy-to-use and fully automatic coffee machine grinds whole beans and can create any coffee drink your dad desires with the push of a button. It's also sleek AF. 299$

  • 4

    Baller Suitcase


    Carry-on Suitcase by ARLO SKYE. This is like the Mercedes of carry-on suitcases. Frequent-flier dads will nerd out hardcore once they start wheeling this around on the floor. So smooth. So agile. Seriously, it's pretty great. 550$

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  • 5



    "The Dispatcher" by John Scalzi, Narrated by Zachary Quinto. This audiobook is set in the future where anyone who is murdered is miraculously brought back to life — perfect for sci-fi and mystery fans alike. 10$

  • 6

    Portable Charcoal Grill

    Outdoor grill - Saleman PROP

    RoadTrip Portable Gas Grill, COLEMAN . Has there ever been a more perfect grill for tailgating? It folds up and rolls wherever you need it to go, so, no, probably not. 102$

  • 7

    Robot DIY kit

    Analog watch

    A wind-up robot DIY kit for the dog dad who wishes he could bring his pupper to the office. When you wind this heckin' good doggo up, he sings and even does a little jump! 12/10 would put on desk. $24.99 On Think geek.

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  • 8

    Virtual Reality Headset

    Glasses - Gear VR

    Gear VR Headset by SAMSUNG. A totally immersive digital experience from the comfort of his favorite chair. Because getting up is the last thing your dad wants to do. 105.68$ on Amazon.

  • 9

    Leather laptop sleeve


    Felt and faux leather laptop sleeve to keep your dad's tech safe and stylish — it looks so nice, he won't even have to carry it in a briefcase. $9.49 on Amazon.

  • 10

    A chrome puzzle cube

    Rubik's cube

    A chrome puzzle cube with different-sized squares that make it even more challenging than a Rubik's cube — plus it looks really cool (even unfinished) as a desk accessory. $6.99 on Amazon.

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  • 11

    Leather backpack


    A canvas and faux leather backpack to add a dose of dapper to the daily schlep. $27.90 on Amazon.

  • 12

    A luxurious shaving set


    With a monogrammed brush, apothecary mug, brush stand, and cocoa and shea butter-infused shaving soap. $15.03 on Amazon

  • 13

    Guzzle Buddy™


    For the wine (or beer) lover who just can't wait to pour their drink into a glass, the Guzzle Buddy™ is a fun, unique glass that screws directly into a bottle so you may drink elegantly directly from the source. 19.99$ on Cheezburger Shop. 

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  • 14

    An antique-looking family tree chart

    Circle - Maternal rs GENEALOGY kitSBACH A ncestors u d Anc es

    Great for either jump starting or deepening an interest in genealogy.  $14.95 on Amazon.

  • 15

    Insulated Water Bottle

    Bottle - MIRA

    An insulated water bottle that'll keep water cold for 24 hours and turns staying hydrated into a fashion statement. $19.95 on Amazon.

  • 16

    A Penguin Classics hardcover

    Product - The Odyssey Lae Homer

    A Penguin Classics hardcover edition of his favorite novel that'll make any bookshelf look more like an old timey castle library. Get The Odyssey for $15.83 and War and Peace for $22.92. Check out the full range of available titles on Amazon.

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  • 17

    Personalized Cutting Board

    Natural foods - STRAIGHT OUTTA DAD'S BBQ

    Personalized Cutting Board by LetsEngraveIt.  This one of a kind cutting board is custom engraved on your choice of wood. Size: 14 x 11.
    ON Etsy.

  • 18

    Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch

    Wrist - 2044 Eapd T 0:04 Cn Heart R 92

    This innovative smartwatch will genuinely make your father's life easier. Speak to it to get an Uber, set reminders, make calls, get text notifications, and much more. 169.99$ on Cheezburger Shop.

  • 19

    Beer Cap Map USA

    Cheezburger Image 9043266304

    This USA-shaped, plywood display offers a decorative way to showcase a bottle cap collection. $37.99 on Amazon.

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  • 20

    Baseball Stadiums Tie

    Clothing - ४। Corbes Fieid Polo Grounds Connie Mack Stadium Ebbets Field कनন Crosley Field OHEERS Forbas Field 1200px.jpg

    When it comes to baseball, you mean business. Add a sporting touch to your office wear with this silk tie. 


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