I Can Has Cheezburger?

15 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pet

  • 1

    You will always have company...everywhere

    Woman in the bathroom with cats watching her as she does her business.
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  • 2

    They will always join you for dinner

    Dog trying to get in on the action when you are eating a steak.
  • 3

    And Watch You throughout the night

    Cartoon about a cat watching you the whole night.
  • 4

    They do everything possible to make you feel better

    dog that is so happy to bring things from the outside for owner, today she brought a pine cone.
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  • 5

    They are the best at playing hide and seek

    Dog thinks she is hiding by covering her eyes.
  • 6

    They make sure to play with you at just the right time

    Meme about a cat not wanting to play all day, just at 3 am in the morning.
  • 7

    They test your food for poison

    dog with burger in his mouth and caption that all food must go to the lab for testing.
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  • 8

    Roam the house for invaders all through the night

    gif of cats sliding and running on hardwood floors.
  • 9

    Warn you when anyone is passing by

    dog trying to stay calm and freaking out in the process.
  • 10

    Keep you laughing with their weird antics

    Weird cat that likes to collect rocks.
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  • 11

    They Make sure you are using your creativity and problem solving skills

    Cat that didn't want to try out the new bed till they put a box in it.
  • 12

    They make sure you exercise.. even if that means putting themselves in danger

    GIF of a dog and horse getting good exercise.
  • 13

    They get you out of other obligations

    Message with pic of a dog birthday
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  • 14

    They make your working environment much more enjoyable

    Cat that is totally not in your way so that you can keep on working.
  • 15

    They teach you responsibility in caring for someone else other than yourself.

    Cat sitting at a table enjoying a fancy dinner.
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