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Aquarium In New Zealand Comes Up With The Best Way To Teach Their Penguins A Lesson

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    Penguins, like all animals can get a bit rowdy. And like all animals and or people, they need to be taught a little lesson that tells them that acting a certain way is not ok. 

    So that's why workers at the National Aquarium of New Zealand decided that the best way to teach their penguins a thing or two about attitude, was to publicly shame them. 

    Every month the penguin keepers tell the world who their naughtiest and best behaved penguins are! 

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    For example, in June, Timmy made the naughty list because he not only stole fish, but also pushed his comrade over! Betty on the other side - and we are talking about the way way way other side - was given the good penguin of the month. She proved that not all penguins are rascals...just the males. 

  • Here is Timmy in action! Trying his best to steal from Draco

    Here is Timmy in action! Trying his best to steal from Draco

    Posted by National Aquarium of New Zealand on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

    Luckily for us, the penguin keepers even provided a video of Timmy's antics. This video shows that he is trying to nab the fish right out of Draco's (another penguin) mouth!

    Timmy is a little rascal, but hopefully because of the public sized shaming, it will help him bring his attitude down and play nice! 

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