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Aquarium In New Zealand Comes Up With The Best Way To Teach Their Penguins A Lesson

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    Penguins, like all animals can get a bit rowdy. And like all animals and or people, they need to be taught a little lesson that tells them that acting a certain way is not ok. 

    So that's why workers at the National Aquarium of New Zealand decided that the best way to teach their penguins a thing or two about attitude, was to publicly shame them. 

    Every month the penguin keepers tell the world who their naughtiest and best behaved penguins are! 

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    For example, in June, Timmy made the naughty list because he not only stole fish, but also pushed his comrade over! Betty on the other side - and we are talking about the way way way other side - was given the good penguin of the month. She proved that not all penguins are rascals...just the males. 

  • Here is Timmy in action! Trying his best to steal from Draco

    Luckily for us, the penguin keepers even provided a video of Timmy's antics. This video shows that he is trying to nab the fish right out of Draco's (another penguin) mouth!

    Timmy is a little rascal, but hopefully because of the public sized shaming, it will help him bring his attitude down and play nice! 

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