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UPS Driver Does The Unthinkable And Adopts Dog She Meet On Her Route When Owner Dies

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    This is the story that may have been for poor Leo, a pit bull from California. But, his fate was changed when an unlikely friend came to the rescue. All thanks to a kind hearted UPS driver, Katie Newhouser. 

    Katie meet and formed an incredible bond with Leo while doing her UPS route routine. one of her stops was Ranch Cucamonga. The street where Leo lived with his owner. 

    Newhouser said that Leo, would hop into her truck when she drove into his owner Tina's condo complex. Sadly, Tina passed away unexpectedly, leaving Leo without a home. When Newhouser found out she decided to step up and help. She volunteered to take in Leo temporarily. Giving Tina's family time to grief.

    But, after Tina's relatives saw how well Leo was doing and how he had bonded with Newhouser's 5 other dogs, they did the only thing they could think of to make Leo happy... they asked Newhouser if this could be his new permanent home. 

    Leo although dealing with a hard loss, was lucky enough to find a new forever home with a loving owner. 

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