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9 Great LOLs to Celebrate World Elephant Day!

  • 1

    The Peanut Gallery

    Elephant - The grapevine says this guy can fly if he just untucks hisears and we're NOT missin that!
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  • 2

    Wide Load!

    Elephant - BEEP BEEP BEEP Watch out! He's backing up
  • 3

    So is the Elephant Considered a Float?

    Elephant - Everyone lovesa parade!
  • 4

    They Stick Together

    Terrestrial animal - I never forget my peeps
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  • 5

    But Look at Those Ears Flap! They're Like Wings!

    Elephant - Are you going to tell him he's not a bird? Not me...You tellihim.
  • 6

    Do My Bidding

  • 7

    They Got Attached After They Hatched

    Elephant - I knew Ishould have left before the eggs hatched! Mama? Where are we goin'?
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  • 8

    It Pays to be The One Who Never Forgets

    Elephant - ellie has an envious job shegets to show the other rain forest denizens where togo
  • 9

    It's a Jungle Out There

    Elephant - just me and the boys, walkin the mean streets...


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