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Michigan Cat Snatches World Record Because Of His Very Fluffy Tail!

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    How did Cygnus come to be a world wide sensation? Well, his human dad, Dr. Will Powers, a family physician, actually contacted Love Meow about a year ago and believed that their cat might have the world's longest tail… because when they measured him he was well over the world record of then 16.3 inches.

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    Little Cygnus as a kitty!!!! How adorable! 

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    Believe it of not… Cygnus is only two years old! He loves lounging around and dangling his paws.

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    Mr. Powers said that people often call the fluffy Maine Coon "Featherduster" or "Door draft blocker" as his tail is incredibly long and fluffy.

    It didn't take long until the fluffy feline caught the attention from Guinness World Records, and they decided to do an official measurement to see for themselves.

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    Powers said, "Guinness World Records immediately took note of how impressive his tail was (apparently they browse the internet looking for talent) and asked us to do an official measurement. Well...we did, and he absolutely crushed the record." His tail was measured to be 17.58 inches long (44.66cm)… a bit more than they even expected!

    Don't worry all this fame isn't getting to Cygnus's head… because he already has a larger-than-life personality that matches his glorious, magnificent tail!


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    "He's exceedingly friendly, and almost like a Ragdoll when picked up. He just flops and lets me do anything to him like touch his belly or paws," Dr. Powers toldLove Meow.

    He is a stunner and turns many heads with his tail and size, but Cygnus, the giant cat, has a gentle, loving heart…. But he might just have to share his new found fame…

    When Guinness World Records came to their home, they also met Powers' other cats, and they were in for a surprise.

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    "They also discovered Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, our monstrously huge Savannah Cat," Powers said. "As it would turn out Arcturus was the tallest cat to ever live as well."

    Arcturus now holds the title as the World's Tallest Cat measured to be 19.05 inches (48.4cm) tall. The official vet measurement was done by Caitlin Szurek, DVM of Animal Kingdom Veterinary Clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Two world record holders in one house!

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    "Interestingly, each cat broke the record at only slightly over a year old, and still continue to grow, pushing the records farther and farther every day! They each hold both the 'Ever' record as well as the 'Living' record."

    Powers is also the president of a local cat rescue, Ferndale cat shelter in Ferndale, Michigan. "We constantly do events with the cats where people can come meet them.... These two boys have raised thousands of dollars for our cat shelter."

    "Both Arcturus and Cygnus are still growing! Arcturus is 20 inches tall now and Cygnus' tail has almost reached 19 inches," Powers told Love Meow.

    Can anything stop these two beautiful and apparently huge cats!?


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