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After Five Years of Waiting, Chester's Photo on Facebook Created a Flood of Adoption Requests

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    When this image was posted on Facebook, it quickly went viral

    Dog - North Fork Animal Welfare League Adopt North Fork Animal Welfare League th L Love! the Adopt League Love! nfawl.org esnt me?Ive Anylbady Want been Wating 5years. Everyone at the Sheter Tells me hat agad bay Ian Sowhy has no one adopted me ?I pomse family Famly to be gad and love my new Please maybe uou are my new Chster ISit and Wart for you to Come 631-765-181 ext manager@nfawlory

    Dry your tears, this story has the happiest ending.

    Gabby Stroup is the manager of the North Fork Animal Welfare League where Chester had been living. When she posted the above picture it was shared over 6,000 times that day. Gabby made Chester his own page "Chester: Waiting Five Years" and by the evening he had close to 2,000 likes.

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    Chester now had hundreds of potential forever homes

    Dog - Photos by Gabby

    Gabby says that in addition to the many enquiries made via social media, she also received over 300 hundred emails and more phone calls than she could count from families interested in adopting Chester.

    "The phone just never stopped. People called from Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Michigan, Oregon, New Jersey Wisconsin, Nova Scotia, Australia and more — people tearing up as they called."

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    Dana Dor and her family got lucky

    Dog - Adopt u the Livel wt Adost vel at he Leadver Adopt Lovet the Adont Lvet a he Carg

    Gabby says that when Dana's family came and met Chester "they were a perfect match."

    Dana's husband Adi said that the moment his family saw them, "we felt connected. It was meant to be."

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    Chester's sweet nature made him popular at the shelter

    Dog - Photos by Gabby

    As Dana's family prepared to take Chester home, she noted that Chester's warm nature was a testament to all of the love he's received at the shelter. When it was time for him to go, many volunteers drove out to the shelter up to say goodbye to one their longtime favorite pups. Chester was always up for a walk, some belly rubs and plenty of kisses.

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    Chester is now at his forever home and grinning widely


    Chester arrived at his new home just in time to celebrate Easter with his new family.

    Chester's fame will be put to use finding forever homes for other dogs. The NFAWL plans to use his now famous Facebook page to feature other dogs who are looking for families.


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