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ICYMI: Here's the Best of This Week's Talk Show Nonsense

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    Nick Offerman and Ellie Kemper Nuzzled Stuff

    What is going through the minds of those who work at The Late Late Show with James Corden? Since he took over after Craig Ferguson, Corden's show has featured just a number of different unexpected games, segments and skits. 

    Like this one, wherein Nick Offerman, Ellie Kemper and Thomas Middleditch are asked to nuzzle stuff and guess what the eff is rubbing on their faces.

    It leads to a lot of reactions like this: 

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    As Stephen Colbert prepares for late night, he still has some things to do

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    Seth Meyers' writers put together a few live New Yorker cartoons

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    Conan made Bryce Dallas Howard cry talking about Home Depot

    As proof that she can cry on demand, Bryce Dallas Howard (not Jessica Chastain) said Conan O'brien can talk about anything. 

    So he picks one of the most important and emotional subjects of all.

    She was just there to promote the opening of Jurassic World, but left with so much more. 
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    James Corden explores some hidden Apple Watch features

  • 6

    Chris Pratt revealed the 3 faces of Jurassic World

    Pratt has been on the talk show circuit this week. While we thought he was just trying to sell us on the fact that Jurassic World will not be terrible, it turns out he might be peddling his acting method and it's impressive results.
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    Chris Pratt and Abby Elliot try to Name That Celebrity

  • 8

    Jimmy Fallon and The Roots spit some #DinoRaps


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